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April 19 - May 20, 2019 
Opening Reception: Friday, April 19, 7-9PM

Essex Flowers presents Pip-Squeak, a solo exhibition of Katherine Aungier’s paintings and sculptures, some of which you can sit on.

The world of lavender, red, blue, and pink speaks of the golden hour right before nighttime.  Blue and violet surfaces draped throughout the space are the same colors of the Rhododendron - fragrant clusters and evergreens against the side of my house growing up, tendering me hope.

The scale shifts within this show are wide in their range making us seem giant or little. I am into what they call the golden hour and, in general, transition times throughout the course of the day.  The caress through the moon and the wave of your breath, your body continues in the moonlight flowing and drops like a little seed into the depths of your sediment. She stays there growing illuminating soft light. Confidently knowing that this reality is always present within you.

Has a lie been told to you that you are a loser? Take a rest. Here is a room of self-reliance in the small.

A strong arm squeezing the lemon that pushes out the seed.  A space is squeezed out, made of water, color, wood and a feathers. Water brings forth the knowing of ocean with the moon high up in the sky.

Cross this threshold into space of moments.

Has there been a force when the world tried to make you small or takes knocks to keep you down?  We like the small and put your feet up. Throughout Pip-Squeak works are flat or shallow in form, they bring in an energy, of sexuality, Venus and volume to create an ample place.

Katherine Aungier is a painter who learned that from her mom and many other mentors. She tried to pay this back by making spaces of inclusion and diversity.  Aungier served as member of harbor, Regina Rex, and Essex flowers gallery . She has worked closely with galleries, nonprofits, and artists that share visions of what she wants to make appear in the art world.  Research spurs her to create, you’ll most likely find her at the library reading up on things like early textile mills, an old harvest almanac or behind a newspaper reading up or sketching outside. Currently she lives in Brooklyn, New York and will be starting a Masters degree in Painting in the Fall of 2019 at the University of California at Irvine.