The gallery is open Saturdays + Sundays 12 - 6 PM and by appointment.

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Essex Flowers front entrance and front gallery are wheelchair accessible. Our back gallery is accessible, with a clearance of 31”. Our bathroom is not wheelchair accessible.


Laura Bernstein: The Curse of St. Vitus and the Rat-Catcher
Linnea Vedder: The Earth Wants You Back
Baruck Racine Arellano: Caminando con silencio / Walking with silence
Sara Murphy: Tuning
Jamie Chan and Sonya Derman: Indoor Interference
Essex Flowers Holiday Auction
Jonathan Ehrenberg: Half and Half is a Vampire Laugh
Stephen Laub: The Daily Mirror
Essex Flowers Flowers Fest 2023
Perennials: 10 Years of Essex Flowers
Nancy Powhida: Oh Dear! Our Life was Like a Horror Show! (No Wonder You had to Learn to be Resourceful)
Camilla Padgitt-Coles: Arco Íris
Xinan Helen Ran: 7000SEEDS
Samara Kupferberg: Wander Any Way
Poyen Wang: Endearing Insanity
Essex Flowers Popup Shop 2022
Magic Lantern
Laura Bernstein: Hell Mouth
Pooneh Maghazehe: Middleman
Essex Flowers Flowers Fest 2022
Jonathan Ehrenberg: The Capital of Fine is OK
Stephen Derrickson: Danger in Paradise
Seung-Min Lee and Michael Smith: ill-suited
Sean McCarthy: Living, Breathing
a circle is a thought pattern
E.E. Ikeler: I AM NATURE
Janine Polak: Swerve
Kristen Jensen & Emil Robinson: Flex Warrior
Ester Partegàs & Claire Watson: Guardian
Essex FLowers Flowers Fest 2021
Kathryn Kerr: Mosquito Valley
Ben Hall: Jives & Gambles
One Foot In
Jonathan Ehrenberg: Coordinates
The Word For World Is Forest
Rufus Tureen: Type
Moving Company and Friends: Deep Winter Healing
Not One Day
Rachel Domm: Inner Glow
Body-Split Trick
Sean McCarthy: Hiss My Way Down
Envelope at Drawer NYC
David Kennedy-Cutler: Keep Shop
Remote Viewing
The Essex Flowers Window Box
Might Delete Later
Janine Polak: Squeeze
Three-Legged Race
Monica Palma: Elbow to Knee
Virginia Poundstone: Eye Strain
Alternate Realities
New York Flower Festival
Karen Azoulay: Semi-Precious
NADA House
Psychedelic Healing Center
Carnival Dreams
Rufus Tureen: Moderne Man
Linnea Vedder: Soft Skills 
Savannah Knoop : SCREENS, a project about “community”
Nicholas Hamilton : If you want to keep a secret...
Jonathan Hartshorn : Suckers, copycats, lollipops...
Meet the Parents

Camilla Padgitt-Coles: Disco Nap
Xinan Helen Ran et. al: Crumbs and Lather
Zach Steinman: Pleasures
Liliana Farber, Jacq Groves, Allison Reimus
Sara Murphy: Increased Refusal
Confetti falls from the ceiling
Kabuya Pamela Bowens-Saffo: Tracks & Bridges 
Dana Wood Zinsser: Guilt Quilt: Yucking My Yum
Katya Rozanova: Important Structures Upheld
Saira McLaren: Swish
Daniele Frazier: Climate Controlled
No Longer, Not Yet
Sally Paul: Slits and Slots
Inna Babaeva: Word of Mouth
Earth Body
Camilla Padgitt-Coles: The Tuning House
Calvin Burton: Drawings
Lydia McCarthy: Deep Cutz: Future Past Self
Robert Scott Whipkey: Criteopolis
Door #3
Katherine Aungier: Pip Squeak 
Elisa Soliven: Totems and Views
AXxoN N. 
Irini Miga : Away is Another Way of Saying Here
Ryan Cullen : A New Kind of Togetherness 
Rufus Tureen : Olde Man Janine Polak : Inside Out


Patrick Carlin Mohundro: NADA New York 2024
New York Flower Festival
Casting Inside
Cynthia Carlson : Over Time
Gangs of New York (Off-site at ADDS DONNA)
R Blair Sullivan : Meanders (a Fugue)
Patrick Brennan : Drifter
Home Edition 
Rachel Domm : Premium, Original, & 100% Fat-Free
Lydia McCarthy : Non-Game Ecstasy
Justin Berry : the dust never settles
The Sands
New York Flower Festival 2017
Tarwuk : help me, help you
Jesse Hamerman : A Chronological Sequence of Swell Artifacts
In the Mailbox : Why the Long Face curated by Jon Lutz
Tatiana Kronberg : Exposure
Jeffrey Tranchell : Linda
Dust Stutter
NADA New York 2017
Paul DeMuro
Lan Tuazon
Book Release : Rob K-S
Nosegays, Tussie-Mussies or Posies
Æthelred Eldridge
Doreen Garner: Removing the Veil - Vanity as Material for Incision
New York Flower Festival 2016
Tisch Abelow & Dakotah Savage: Perky Brach
Justin Berry: Photographs
Performance: All The Brown Butterflies
Patrick Brennan: Up Against Nature
NVV: Book Launch
Glitch Cult
Eva and Franco Mattes
Lizzie Wright
Panic Pants
Anxiously Attached
Phillip Birch and Auguste Rodin
NADA New York 2015
Christina Leung
Melissa Brown
Matt Connolly
Maria Acconci: Poetry Reading
Anne Eastman and Tatiana Kronberg
Joshua Smith
2 Performances: Alina Tenser and Leah Beeferman
Shaun Krupa
Jennifer Sullivan
Patrick Brennan
Yard Show
Northeast Corner at 2
Andy Meerow
Kinesis Pieces
Poetry and Book Release
Laura Hunt
EZ Spirit
Personal Space
Frequencies Vol. 2
Group Show