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Premium, Original, & 100% Fat-Free
January 12–Febuary 11, 2018
Opening Reception: January 12, 7-9 PM  

Essex Flowers is pleased to present Premium, Original, & 100% Fat-Free, a solo exhibition of new work by Rachel Domm.

The works in this exhibition derive their shapes from apparently simple and authentically humble everyday objects such as crackers, embroidery, and packing material. These forms are abstracted and blown up to larger-than-life proportions, remaining recognizable yet obscuring their original sources. Puzzling objects become patterns and patterns become objects themselves. The simplicity of the forms and patterns invite viewers to guess their original source; they could be grates, honeycombs, dominos, ice cream sandwiches, nets, or countless other objects that mime similar shapes. They also become a puzzle of art history references: the dots and repetitive patterns could refer to op art, the reductive graphic shapes invoke formalism, and the blithe yet heroic treatment of everyday objects allude to pop art. But there is a feminine twist by giving heroic size to objects that reference the domestic sphere and craft. Crackers are a mainstay from Betty Crocker to GOOP in dinner party and homemaking instructional.

The earthy colors and soft, textural mark-making of the works on display are bolstered by their bold, graphic compositions and pops of bright hues. The show’s title and many of the compositions are inspired by the product design and copy of snack product packaging. Marketing uses masterful language and impossible-to-ignore graphics to shape the way we live our lives. The only reason soap has suds is because it sells better. The daily habit of teeth brushing was established by ad agencies not dentists. And gendered products are made so companies have more things to sell (but also serve to prop up sexist standards). Marketing makes us crave objects with a desire that is larger-than-life.

Rachel Domm is a Brooklyn-based artist. Her work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Picture Room (2014) and Printed Matter (2013) and group exhibitions at Essex Flowers and Exit Art. She has held residencies at the Banff Centre and the Vermont Studio Center. She has published several artist books including Window Diary (Nieves, 2015), Baskets (Miniature Garden, 2015) and Rugs (Miniature Garden, 2013).