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Essex Flowers is pleased to present the second New York Flower Festival, a program of performances and events most days between Monday, July 17, and Tuesday, August 1.

All performance take place at the gallery unless otherwise noted.



Monday July 17 | 7pm
Jeffrey Porterfield
Pillowcase and Bullhorn.
Shaun Krupa
Don't Cry for the Gutted Fish .

Jeffrey Porterfield is an LA-born, Brooklyn-based artist/musician who fronts the band Mother Finger and works in performance, paint, video, music, sculpture and combinations

Shaun Krupa was born 1979 in South Salem, NY. He lives and Works in Brooklyn, NY

Wednesday July 19 | 7pm
Savory Selections Animation Screening

If you blink your eyes rapidly enough the world begins to look like a weird flickering animation. This may cause permanent damage to your ORBICULARIS OCULI (eyelid muscle) or it may beef it up to a super-steroidal level that knocks your glasses off your face all the time. This is probably the best way to prepare your eyebrain for SAVORY SELECTIONS, the most breathtaking assemblage of contemporary "fucked-up style...and beyond" animation since Winsor McKay rode Gertie the Dinosaur into the Tron laser getting bitmapped and reconstituted as a GIF backpatch in a cybersquat in a boarded up GameStop at the mall. If that doesn't sound like fun to you, you should have your ears pierced... with a katana blade, that continues on through your neck, because you've forgotten what 'fun' is. But seriously folks, this is a magical mixtape of experimental video and animation encompassing a huge array of contempo approaches, all killer and no filler, suitable for projection on any classroom wall, DIY basement during anal funk band, museum trustee boardroom's descending ceiling-mounted screen, 50-foot-yacht sail, planetarium roof, or human stomach. Featuring: Melissa Brown, Jacob Ciocci, Char Esme, Wednesday Kim, Nick Lane, Amy Lockhart, Daniel Luedtke, Ben Mendelewicz, Peter Millard, Nino Mora, Michael O'Dell, Ivo Stoop, Devin Tamiazzo, Echo Theohar & Ray Ting

Thursday July 20 | 7:30pm
Rachel Ravel, Endless Wonder

Rachel Ravel brings soft Hawaiian Reggae beats with world music flavor to an innovative and experimental performance at Essex Flowers. Working with original music and covers on ukulele, Rachel leads audience members on an inward journey to join music and specific emotional states to program their universe. Rachel Ravel, originally from Honolulu Hawaii, has been playing ukulele, singing, and composing for over 20 years. She has two full albums, a band, and fans around the world. Her current band and she can be seen making mayhem while wearing tophats in Manhattan.

Friday July 21 | 7-10pm
MV Carbon performs with an installation of her video work
Andrés Laracuente performs Voice Choice

MV Carbon is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist. Her work is comprised of live performance, installation, projection, sound and sculpture. Her intention is to provoke an extrasensory awareness through warping the boundaries of time and space. Her current work explores interchangeability, the human mechanism, perceptive states of consciousness, and the undeniable force of nature.

Andrés Laracuente is currently based in New York. His practice is cross-disciplinary, with recent emphasis on sculpture and new media. Laracuente has exhibited widely in the US, Europe and Asia. His work has been featured in the New York Times, and Document Journal. Laracuente has an exhibition on view at Galerie Veda, Florence. He will perform Voice Choice, an improvised piece of vocal percussion concerned with the rehearsal of an anonymous body, and an idea of an attention spectrum.

Saturday July 22 |7pm
Performances by Shy Layers, Jesse Hamerman,
the grumps, and Michael Hix

Shy Layers is the musical incarnation of multimedia artist JD Walsh. He has been profiled in Pitchfork, Uproxx, Stereogum, and TrackRecord, among others. His latest release, on Hamburg's Growing Bin Records fuses elements of Krautrock, 80's r&b, dub, African highlife, and rock & roll, Balearic pop, Caribbean percussion, and free-form modular-synth jams. His visual artworks have been exhibited at galleries nationally and abroad including Halsey McKay, Nicole Klagsbrun, Cleopatra's, 106 Green, and Brennan & Griffin in New York and Galerie Steinek in Vienna, Austria. His self-titled LP was named one of 2016's top 20 Electronic records by Pitchfork.

Jesse Hamerman is an artist living and working in Brooklyn whose work deals with language and pre-conceived notions on how communication functions, both verbal and visual. When re-processing and re-proposing existing language, new forms are inherently created. Hamerman is a member of Essex Flowers whose work has been shown at institutions both nationally and internationally, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, The Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Musee d'Orsay.

Zuriel Waters was born in 1984 in Philadelphia, PA, and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has shown his work at Safe Gallery, Regina Rex, Bannerette, Eddy's Room and played with art/music projects Privatetime, Bobo, Drooidz and others. He received an MFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010.

Ben Dowell has exhibited his work extensively in the US and internationally, recent highlights include CANADA gallery (NYC), Safe Gallery (NYC) , Geary Contemporary (NYC) and Galleria Alberto Sendros (Buenos Aires). He received an MFA from Hunter college (2007) and was awarded fellowships at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture(2006), the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation(2009), and a teaching fellowship at Ox-Bow School of the Arts (2013). His work has been discussed in publications including the Brooklyn Rail, the Miami Rail, and Hyperallergic.

Michael Hix is a composer and musician originally from Tennessee. His music incorporates synthesizers and electronics to build dynamic structures that evolve over time, delving into the human condition and the metaphysical dimension. His work draws upon classical minimalism, sacred music, analog techno & house as well as popular music. His debut album, Aeon, was released in June 2015 on Paper Garden Records, and his second album, Pneuma, was released in June 2017 on his label, Willows Music. He lives and works in NYC. Prior to moving to NYC in 2011, Michael completed a Master of Theological Studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

Sunday July 23
* * * * *This performance will take place on the Staten Island Ferry * * * * *
Lorenzo Bueno performs
Lorenzo Bueno Lila Zemborain
plus more performers to be announced

Sunday July 23 | 8pm
LIZARD: DOG : MAN by Rufus Tureen
Ultraviolet by Birgit Rathsmann and Rick Karr

The lizard brain wags the dog's tail, the dog's tail wags the man. There are dog people and cat people, but each and every one of us is a lizard.

Rufus Tureen lives and works in Brooklyn. His performance work has been seen worldwide, including Stockholm Sweden and Turku Finland (in collaboration with Johan Bergström Hyldahl), and in venues such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Alaska's Perseverance Theater, the Brick Theater, Five Myles Gallery, Present Co. and The Kitchen. His paintings, which are deeply connected to, and a product of his performance practice have been exhibited at Janet Kurnatowski Gallery in Brooklyn, at Bortolami Gallery in New York and the Lewis Gallery in Portland, Maine.

Ultraviolet is a multimedia performance by Birgit Rathsmann and Rick Karr that attempts to explain what's happening today in the United States using principles of evolutionary biology — with help from some volcanic islands, a Victorian British naturalist who lived on one of them, and some particularly florid species of birds he studied there. Along the way, Ultraviolet touches on gender roles, sexual desire, the stimulant effects of mobile devices, the blurriness of borders, and the meaning of a door without a wall.

Monday July 24 | 7:30pm
Jantar, Bentley Anderson and Robert Johnston

Jantar is an experimental rock/electronic group in New York City. Their latest record, Panisperna, was released by MIE in 2017. http://thejantar.com/

Bentley Anderson found his way into the NYC music scene through his long time relationship with Sonic Youth, working as a studio assistant, archivist, and FOH engineer. He's played guitar in bands Man Benu and VBA, and moonlighted on bass with Spectre Folk and Lee Ranaldo. He is currently working on a solo record, and collaborating with friends in the improvisational / experimental / noise community of NYC. He also runs a cassette label called Decontrol.
www.decontrol.net https://soundcloud.com/user-275782545

Robert Johnston's Head Band is a soft psychedelic boogie on the jazz tip. Originally from glass city, just south of Detroit. Robert steps away from playing guitar in his quartet and walks into the dome piece that is his 'head band.' Performing improvisations on keyboard and drum machine. Robert Johnston has written and arranged music for film, performance art, and commercial podcasts. He's also head curator and art director for the BC New York Arts & Science Collective.

Tuesday July 25 | 7pm
Untitled 3
performed by James Hoff and Carolyn Schoerner

Schoerner will choreograph a sequence using classical ballet techniques to Hoff's resonant score, which he generates using computer malware.

James Hoff is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His work encompasses painting, sound, writing, and performance. He has maintained a strong focus on distributed forms and experiments with language, including cross-disciplinary investigations that address orally-transmitted syndromes, computer viruses, and ear worms. His recent works have sought to reconcile traditional artistic forms with the technological advances that underscore our contemporary lived experience. Hoff is also a co-founder of Primary Information, a non-profit arts organization devoted to publishing artists' books and art historical documents. He has exhibited and performed extensively throughout Europe and the United States.

Carolyn Schoerner is a ballet dancer, teacher, and choreographer currently living and working in New York. She studied at the Kirov Academy of Ballet, Boston Ballet, and Pacific Northwest Ballet. Most recently Schoerner has performed at Mass MoCA in collaboration with Sarah Crowner and James Hoff, Simone Subal, The Kitchen, with Malcolm Mooney at Bowery Electric, Slow Movers at the Museum of Art and Design, and Untitled in collaboration with Paul Cowan at Cleopatra's

Thursday, July 27 |7pm
Adult Contemporary presents readings by Ted Kerr, Christopher Udemezue and Sarah Wang

Adult Contemporary is an experimental non/fiction salon series featuring readings, lectures, performances, and interviews with and by established and emerging writers. We ask participants to "read" in whatever way they see fit, to use the platform to experiment in form, to give us words, movement, sounds, textures. Adult Contemporary is organized by Katherine Brewer Ball and Svetlanna Kitto. adultcontemporarymag.com

Canadian born Theodore Kerr is a Brooklyn based writer and organizer whose work focuses on HIV/AIDS, community and history. He has a Masters of Arts from Union Theological Seminary. He was the Programs Manager at Visual AIDS. He was an interviewer for The Visual Arts and the AIDS Epidemic: An Oral History Project for the Smithsonian Institution, Archives of American Art. He is a founding member of What Would An HIV Doula Do? His writing has appeared in the Village Voice, IndieWire, Hyperallergic, The Advocate, POZ, Cineaste, Women Studies Quarterly and other publications. www.tedkerr.club

Christopher Udemezue was born in Long Island, NY and is a first generation Jamaican American. Christopher has shown at a variety of galleries and museums including the Queens Museum of Art, Bruce High Quality Foundation, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, AC Institute Art Gallery, and Envoy Enterprises. Christopher has been featured on Style.com, Interview Magazine, Afro Punk, Paper Magazine, ID magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, DIS magazine, Fader and was a part of the OUT Magazine's OUT 100 2013. As organizing leader of the House of Ladosha, Christopher (Neon Christina Ladosha) utilizes his Jamaican heritage and the politics of queerness as a primary touch point for his performative and visual work. In Chris's 2015 solo show "Top-A- Toppa" at Stream Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) Chris explored Jamaican culture, the complexities of gender identity, desire, tragedy, and public lynching bringing to light recent murdered queer persons in Jamaican headlines. In summer of 2016 Chris launched RAGGA NYC, a platform that highlights the queer Caribbean community through profile interviews and events.

Sarah Wang is a writer based in New York. In 2016 she was awarded a Chicago Tribune Nelson Algren Literary Award runner-up prize. She has written for n+1, The Los Angeles Review of Books; Conjunctions; Stonecutter Journal; Joyland; Story Magazine; The Third Rail; and The Last Newspaper at the New Museum of Contemporary Art; among other publications. An excerpt of her novel is forthcoming in BOMB. She is the coeditor of semiotext(e)'s Animal Shelter. See more of her work at wangsarah.com.

Friday July 28 |7pm
Meg Clixby, lacuna
Yasi Ghanbari, Mistakes Were Made
and Erica Magrey, Female Figure

Meg Clixby makes performances utilizing movement, sound, and sculpture. Based in New York, she performs in the work of Kim Brandt and the collaborative project Bell & Clixby. Recent work focuses on labor in its multiple forms, obfuscation and failure as modes of space-building and communal refusal. She has presented and performed at The Stone, Movement Research at Judson Church, Roulette, AUNTS, and Performa amongst other venues. Clixby was born in Trenton, Maine.

Yasi Ghanbari is an artist using a interdisciplinary practice living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She received her BA from Oberlin College and her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Film, Video, and New Media. Ghanbari has shown her work nationally and internationally at venues such as the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), Centre for Contemporary Arts (Glasgow), NURTUREart (Brooklyn), and the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (New York). She has completed residencies at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts and ACRE (Steuben, WI).

Erica Magrey is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist working with video, performance, music, costume, sculpture, photography, and set design. She was a resident of NYC studio programs Smack Mellon (2016-2017) and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (2014-2015), the 2011 NY Artist in Residence with Atelier Mondial in Basel, Switzerland, and a 2012 NYFA Fellow in Interdisciplinary Work. Career highlights include screenings, performances and exhibitions at Socrates Sculpture Park, The Sculpture Center, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Kaskadenkondensator (Basel), The Kitchen, 106 Green, Klaus von Nichtssagend, Magic Pictures (Philadelphia, PA), Freight + Volume, and Storefront for Art and Architecture.

Saturday July 29| 8pm
Chris Domenick, Twombly's_Paint—A_Presentation
Mariana Valencia, Dance Songs

In this project Domenick elaborates on the experience he had cleaning out Twombly's studio after his death in Lexington, Virginia in 2011.

In Dance Songs, dance artist Mariana Valencia explores her work through dances and songs that invite you in with tempered humor and gravity. This summer she's focusing on bright, beachy, sunset feelings as she forms new gestures in her brown-bodied and herstorical performances.http://www.marianavalencia.work/

Sunday July 30 | 7-10pm
Tilt Up, Pan Left, an installation by ESP TV (Victoria Keddie and Scott Kiernan)

Directed by Scott Kiernan and Victoria Keddie, E.S.P. TV utilize a mobile television studio to explore transmission, analog and digital media, and broadcast. Through an ongoing series of live television taping events, they place the control room of the TV studio on center stage, making the means of production into a vehicle for performance. They investigate the language of television and have built a strong network through artist collaborations. From this ongoing effort, they have built an extensive archive detailing these unique explorations of performance, sound, and vision.

Victoria Keddie has performed and exhibited internationally at venues and festivals such as, Fridman Gallery, The Swiss Institute, Pioneer Works, The Kitchen, Museum of Moving Image, Queens Museum of Art, and Anthology Film Archives (NYC), Human Resources (Los Angeles), Lightcone, (Paris), Syros International Film Festival (Syros, Greece), Studio XX (Montreal), LOOP Festival (Barcelona), Pallas Projects (Dublin), Reykjavik Arts Festival (Reykjavik), General Public (Berlin), Axis Art Centre (Crew), The Independent Film Festival (Naples), Liste Art Fair (Basel), Seeing Sound Festival (Bath), and Daimon (Gatineau). Keddie has been artist-in- residence at Wave Farm, Signal Culture, Pioneer Works, Storefront for Art and Architecture, and the Museum of Arts and Design. Video works are distributed through Lightcone, (Paris). Sound works to be released with Spectral Evidence, (Cambridge, MA), In Context Music (Vancouver/ NYC), and Robert & Leopold (NYC).

Scott Kiernan is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in New York City. His work probes for "misreadings" implicit in images and the technologies employed for their production. In his video, photo, and installation works, synthesized elements interact with original and repurposed footage to address their own (im)materiality and their means of distribution. He was founder and co-director of Louis V E.S.P., an artist-run gallery and performance space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (2010-2012) and of E.S.P. TV (2011-present), a nomadic TV studio that explores televisual language and develops artist collaborations for broadcast. He currently is also co-director of UNIT 11, a transmission based residency program operating from a former ENG van turned mobile electronic studio. He has exhibited and performed internationally in venues such as New Museum, Museum of Arts and Design, Swiss Institute/Contemporary Art, Storefront for Art and Architecture, Whitney Museum of American Art, Queens Museum, Pioneer Works, P.S.122, Mixed Greens (NYC), Southern Exposure, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco), Pallas Projects (Dublin), Reykjavik Arts Festival, and the Center for International Contemporary Art in Rome; and teaches in Hunter College's Integrated Media Arts MFA program.

Monday July 31 | 7:30pm
Suburbs of Eden
Videos by Cecelia Condit, Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn, Mike Kuchar, Chris E. Vargas, and Conrad Ventur
curated by Karl McCool

The wonders of nature, as seen by singing suburbanites, urban survivalists, a drag superstar, and others.

Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn, Nature Demo, 2008, 9:19 min
Cecelia Condit, Suburbs of Eden, 1992, 15:17 min
Mike Kuchar, The Faery Garden, 2008, 11:00 min
Conrad Ventur, Boca Chica, 2013, 2:26 min
Chris E. Vargas, Have You Ever Seen a Transsexual Before? , 2010, 4:00 min

Running time: 42 minutes

Karl McCool is a moving image programmer and archivist based in New York City. He is the Distribution Manager at Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), a nonprofit resource fostering the creation, exhibition, distribution, and preservation of media art. In addition, he advises film and video makers on media preservation and archiving. From 2011 to 2016, he was Associate Director of Dirty Looks, a roaming series for queer experimental film, video, and performance. He has organized screenings and events at venues including Artists Space; The Kitchen; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; P.P.O.W Gallery; Participant Inc.; UnionDocs; and White Columns.

Tuesday August 1 | 8pm
CAFE YES! at Essex Flowers
A night of comedy organized by Rufus Tureen and Maura Madden with performances by: Langston Kerman, Ike Ufomadu, Sarah Tollemache, John Reynolds and Carmen Christopher and Eleanore Pienta of Cocoon Central Dance Team


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