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Wander Any Way
Drawings by Samara Kupferberg
with recordings and ephemera from the Tuli Kupferberg Archive
Organized by Rufus Tureen
February 11th-March 12, 2023
Opening Feb 11 6-8pm
Live Performance and Readings:
March 5th - Jeffrey Lewis plays songs and Yuko Otomo reads poems and ukulele by John S Hall (King Missile), 5pm

Samara Kupferberg, Untitled, Graphite on Paper 2022
Samara Kupferberg, Untitled, Graphite on Paper 2022

At a time when humanity is witnessing, with more or less concern, a seemingly absurdist quest for a fantastic future, the old unknown is more relevant than ever in everyone’s sight. Coping with such uncertainty develops tendencies for abstract, exploratory journeys through time, space, and, ultimately, life.

Samara Kupferberg draws from Automatism and Biomorphic Surrealism, evoking undetermined living forms that the artist propels into a timely imagery of cosmic abstraction.

The process is one of a mindful and patient exploration of what is being revealed through the act of drawing itself.  Kupferberg discovers and shapes mineral micro territories, developing unforeseen extra-dimensional portals to spaces for the mind to wander and inhabit.

Kupferberg’s art reminds us of how political any relationship with the unknown is, especially when occurring in the intimate sphere.

Samara Kupferberg was born in Toronto, Canada in 1974 and grew up in NYC. She holds a BFA in Fiber from Maryland Institute, College of Art, 1996. Currently living and working in Portland, Maine.

Also, a section of the exhibition is dedicated to Samara's father, counterculture icon and radical pacifist, Tuli Kupferberg of The Fugs. Watch the teaser for the upcoming documentary Tuli Tuli Tuli, 1001 Ways to be Joyfully Revolted, listen to intimate home recordings, read unpublished early poetry and browse a selection of high quality reproductions available to purchase to help support the film's progress. 

-David Liver

Tuli Kupferberg “Ex Ploy Ta Shun” c.1950 ink on paper