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Saturday, January 7 - Sunday, February 5, 2023
Opening Reception: Friday, January 6, 4 – 7pm

Liliana Farber, Isolarii, 2021, Digital inkjet print. 55 x 61 inches

Essex Flowers is thrilled to announce a show of works by Liliana Farber, Jacq Groves, and Allison Reimus.

A sense of being lost or disconnected in a hyper mapped and connected world

The cyanotypes give the viewer hints at how these skeletal-like pieces might interact.

Bleach, lint balls, and hanging threads react against structure

Searches for lands and for connections that are ultimately unfulfilled.

Liliana Farber’s work combines antique and contemporary strategies to locate the viewer in space, in the present. Timestamps, geolocation points, satellite imagery, old maps, and literature are her raw materials which she uses to ultimately focus our attention on the algorithms’ geopolitical nuances and code biases.

With the blue-boned remnants of an otherworldly creature, Jacq Groves questions the innate drive to understand the unknown and categorize the world around us. They use illegibility and the uncanny to create a shift in perception and a curiosity within the viewer. Groves’ sculptural and installation practice attempts to make visual internal bodily experiences referencing failures of the body, healing, and transformation.

The abstract paintings of Allison Reimus rely on a viewer’s visual/tactile memory log of familiar textiles like woven potholders, embroidered knits and rags. They are draped, stitched, bleached, and attached, creating dissonance and unfamiliarity, while still grounding the viewer with Reimus’ directness and ineffable humor.


Liliana Farber is a visual artist based in New York. She is a recipient of the Lumen Prize for Art and Technology, Network Culture Award from Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival, and Artis Grant. She has exhibited in The National Museum of Contemporary Art (Portugal), The National Museum of Fine Arts (Chile), The National Museum of Visual Arts (Uruguay), The Center for Book Art (NYC), Katona Museum (NY), Ars Electronica Festival (Austria), Arebyte Gallery (London), Panke Gallery (Berlin), and WRO Media Art Biennale (Poland). Farber’s work has been featured in OnCurating, MIT’s Leonardo, Erev-Rav, Haaretz, and El Pais.

Jacq Groves is an artist, researcher, and educator currently based in Queens, NY. Their sculptures and installations explore relationships between natural ecological structures and complex bodily systems. They’ve shown at The Jewish Museum in New York, Half Gallery in New York, Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University, and The Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans. Groves has been an artist-in-resident at Vermont Studio Center as well as at NARS Foundation in Brooklyn, NY.

Allison Reimus's paintings explore her relationship with motherhood, femininity and domesticity through abstraction. Recent solo and two-person exhibitions include Left Field Gallery (Los Osos, CA), Tiger Strikes Asteroid (Chicago, IL), Knox College (Galesburg, IL), and The Mission (Chicago, IL). Recent group exhibitions include Unit London, Grove Collective, (London, UK), Massey Klein (NY, NY), Kirk Hopper Fine Art (Dallas, TX), No Place Gallery (Columbus, OH) and Left Field (Los Osos, CA).